Mobile Active Defense is now a part of Cyber adAPT Inc.

Mobile Active Defense’s technology and key personnel have been acquired and are now a part of Cyber adAPT Inc., a global leader in network detection. Read the full announcement from this morning here. Cyber adAPT is based in Half Moon Bay, California and protects enterprise networks with its innovative, behavior-based network attack detection solution. M@D’s MECS will have the same flexible and secure functionality and will now be known as Cyber adAPT Secure Device Management (SDM). Together, with Cyber adAPT’s unique attack detection capabilities, we can provide our customers an industry-first full mobile security and mobile detection solution to stop real attacks in real-time on mobile devices. This technology union will allow us to achieve our vision: to detect and stop mobile attacks before they do harm.

This is the evolution of a wonderful journey for Mobile Active Defense and we are delighted to share it with you. From a customer/product perspective, things will only get better. Your technical teams will be working with the same M@D engineers from years past, all the M@D management team will be transitioning into new roles at Cyber adAPT too. In addition to its cutting edge detection technology, Cyber adAPT brings more resources to support M@D customers and the SDM solution set, with even more functionality and improvements rolling out in the coming months. All of us at Mobile Active Defense thank you and look forward to working with you as Cyber adAPT.

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Spencer Cobb
Founder & CEO
Mobile Active Defense, Inc.

The flagship product from Mobile Active Defense is our award-winning Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security Server (MECS) which secures your mobile enterprise to the most stringent compliance and security standards.The MECS server is unique in its ability to truly lock down mobile devices to the extent required by the security-aware and compliance regulated organization without changing the user experience or causing any noticeable latency.

Beyond Active Sync and MDM, the MECS is a mobile security platform that allows enterprises to extend their existing network security policies across mobile platforms. The MECS combines strong authentication, granular firewall controls and encryption with a suite of anti-virus, malware detection and content filtering tools which trigger its incident response and remediation capabilities. Secure enough for the most stringent deployments and flexible enough for any BYOD environment, Mobile Active Defense defends your network against mobile threats so your organization can get the most out of its mobile ecosystem. Find out more about Mobile Security

MAD supports KNOX 2.0 as both a Samsung VPN and MDM Partner:

Now the MAD MECS appliance can be your full mobile security suite for Samsung KNOX devices fully managing and securing all mobile traffic or container traffic with its certificate authenticated IPSec VPN solution. The same appliance is a full stateful inspection firewall and content filter for inspection, remediation and advanced reporting.

The MAD solution also features the full KNOX MDM API set OR can work with Samsung’s own EMM or any other MDM to provide security to their management.

Never before has this high level of security, versatility and scaleability been available on a mobile platform and at the same time provided such an easy almost invisible user experience.

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