Mobile Active Defense: manage and secure your entire mobile ecosystem with one solution, built for mobile.

The flagship product from Mobile Active Defense is our award-winning Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security Server (MECS) which secures your mobile enterprise to the most stringent compliance and security standards.

The MECS server is unique in its ability to truly lock down mobile devices to the extent required by the security-aware and compliance regulated organization without changing the user experience or causing any noticeable latency.

Beyond Active Sync and MDM, the MECS is a mobile security platform that allows enterprises to extend their existing network security policies across mobile platforms. The MECS combines strong authentication, granular firewall controls and encryption with a suite of anti-virus, malware detection and content filtering tools which trigger its incident response and remediation capabilities. Secure enough for the most stringent deployments and flexible enough for any BYOD environment, Mobile Active Defense defends your network against mobile threats so your organization can get the most out of its mobile ecosystem. Find out more about Mobile Security

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