M@D Android Security

Android device management and security is complicated.

Organizations care more about security on mobile devices than ever before, but the fragmentation of the Android operating systems across hundreds of hardware devices makes achieving the right level of security for your organization a challenge. M@D is here to simplify it for you.

Whether your company requires general security or government grade bullet-proof protection, M@D has the solution for securing your Android devices.

M@D Security Enhanced for Android

This is M@D’s Android solution that goes well beyond MDM. Provides On Demand IPSec VPN with any IP data traffic so that entire device is protected behind a VPN at all times.

This package includes the following:

  • Full IPSec certificate authenticated VPN1
  • PKI/Certificate Authentication
  • Advanced Mobile Firewall
  • Full data control and content filtering
  • Application Behavior Control
  • Real time monitoring/ Change Control
  • Incident Response
  • Typical MDM controls such as password enforcement, device status, device lock, and device wipe

*1 Requires Android 4.2 or higher.

M@D Security Enhanced for Android works with Android 2.2 and higher, however M@D recommends Android 4.0 and higher for secure environments.

M@D Security Enhanced Plus

This builds upon M@D’s Security Enhanced for Android with the addition of application wrapping and Per-Application VPN. Security Enhanced Plus adds security to enterprise apps using encryption from M@D’s partner Mocana, the application security and encryption experts. Each application is “wrapped” in its own virtual environment, completely isolated from any other applications on the device.

Includes all features for Enhanced Security for Android plus2:

  • FIPS level-2 certified encrypted (DAR- Data at Rest) container for any app (typical wrapped apps are email clients, web browsers, calendars, etc.)
    • This is the ideal solution for BYOD.
    • Copy and paste protection
    • Require passphrase to open wrapped app
  • Individual certificate authenticated IPSec VPN tunnel dedicated to the wrapped app
  • The IPSec VPN terminates at the MECS server allowing the wrapped app access all of M@D’s key, market differentiating features:
    • Advanced Mobile Firewall
    • Full data control and content filtering
    • Real time monitoring/ change control
    • Incident response

*2 App Wrapping and Per Application VPN for Android requires Android versions 2.2 – 4.1.2. Support for Android 4.2.2 available Q3 2013.

Secure Ultimate

M@D Modified ROM: Government grade security for those customers that need the most secure solution for their Android devices. This is by far the most secure solution available anywhere. The entire device is protected behind a VPN at all times. This enables all of M@D’s security features and there is no way to bypass or turn off the VPN.

Features of Secure Ultimate include:

  • Permanently or temporarily disable BlueTooth
  • Force WiFi settings
  • Enforce adding or remove applications
  • Enforce OS updates (OTA without user interaction)
  • Includes Secure Plus per-application VPN

M@D can also add custom customer required features/controls, such as forcibly removing/adding applications and forcing OS updates – all OTA, with no user interaction.

There are three considerations associated with the M@D Secure Ultimate Modified Kernel.

  1. Each device make and model requires its own modified ROM (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3 for AT&T and Galaxy S3 for Sprint require different ROMs).
  2. Secure Ultimate ROM is installed on a per device basis and takes only a few minutes for each device.
  3. This solution is recommended for corporate owned devices and not BYOD scenarios with personal phones and tablets.

Mobile Active Defense also supports enhanced MDM and Security API’s available through partnerships with hardware manufacturers like Samsung and its Knox security platform.

Download Spec Sheet – Features and Benefits (8/2014)